"Üçü Bir Arada Konseptiyle"
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Creative Minds Academy

      Each student has an individual studying style. We offer Individual Education Coaching after applying some questionaries to make students know their individual studying styles.

        According to the results of exams we offer individual studying programs and follow their progress. We provide our students to complete their lack by giving homework according to detected missing topics of students.

    To the Name Book is provided after the students attend exams and make mistakes in some topics the most and these topics are found.

 In addition, we know what our students will have as order in their exam according to previous data after they complete their missing topics.

    We make our students face with different questions' types by making 25 TYT-AYT exams rather than monthly exams done in our school.

    We provide our students to know what question they make wrong and in what topic they have lack by giving them analyzed exam results after each exam.

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